Knife-wielding robber gets away on bike in Pleasant Ridge

By Lauren Podell - Reporter

PLEASANT RIDGE, Mich. - The Pleasant Ridge police are searching for a bike-riding bandit after a young man tried to rob a woman in her own driveway and threatened her with a knife.

The incident happened just after 8 a.m. Monday morning on Maplefield Road. Valerie Newman walked onto her front porch to feed her cat when she was assaulted.

"I saw the ride bike at the end of the driveway and knew that was suspicious," said Newman."Then I heard the rustling in the bushes."

Her blue Jeep parked in driveway was the target of the crime. The driver door was propped open where the suspect got in. When Valerie saw the robbery taking place, she confronted him.

"I said, Hey! Just put back whatever you took of mine and get out of here," Newman said. "That's when he pulled out a pocket knife, it was flipped open, blade out and he calmly and quietly told me to back off."

Here's who police are looking for:

- African American male
- 17 – 22 years old
- 5'9 – 6'1
- Wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt
- Riding a red bike

"He didn't even flinch when I confronted him," said Newman. "He wasn't acting like a scared kid who got caught, he was very assured and confident, which makes me feel like he's done this before and will do it again,"

The suspect got away with only items he could carry, mainly loose change.

Newman told Local 4 she accidentally left the Jeep unlocked the night before, which isn't typical. But from now on, Valerie's eyes will be peeled for that red bike and same goes for the cops.

If you have any information, you're asked to Pleasant Ridge Police.

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