Oakland County Child Killer victim's family fights against Prosecutor Jessica Cooper's re-election

Oakland County Child Killer victim's family endorses Mike Bishop as he runs against Prosecutor Jessica Cooper

By Mara MacDonald - Reporter


The Oakland County Child Killer case now takes center stage in the race for Oakland County prosecutor.

Barry King, the father of one of the killer's victims, Tim King, has put out an ad against Prosecutor Jessica Cooper, who is running for re-election.

The ad has been mailed to homes throughout the county and is running on TV. King offered to do the ad as an endorsement for Mike Bishop who is running against Cooper. King wrote the ad himself.

"When Jessica Cooper took office she refused to talk to my family," King says in the ad. "She even took me to court and falsely accused me of a felony."

He goes on to say Cooper has recently released information on the case which may jeopardize it. However, Cooper says the attack is not warranted and is not fair.

"They have no merit," she said. "We've talked to Mr. King. I've talked to Mr. King. I've talked to Mr. King's attorney. Paul, who is my chief assistant, has talked to Mr. King for hours."

King has endured 30 years of wondering who killed his son. His family received a tip which jumpstarted the investigation in 2007. He has been pushing ever since.

"I'd like (Cooper) to tell me how often she's met with me and when because, if she told you that, it's totally incorrect," King said.

Now, his family tragedy and how it has been handled by county leaders is center stage. It's in the middle of Cooper and Bishop's race for the Prosecutor's Office.

"For her to poke at me, or anybody else, or make this about her, is ridiculous," said Bishop. "This is about Barry King and his family and it's about justice."

Cooper says the focus should be on the real issue which, she says, is Bishop's credentials.

"(Bishop) is attacking because he doesn't have anything to say about his own credentials, about what he could do differently. And the reason he can't do that is because he doesn't know how complicated this is," Cooper said.

-- Mike Bishop

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