Oakland County officers train for school shooting response

Officers from all over Oakland County come together to train for school shooting scenario

By Steve Garagiola - Reporter/Anchor


A violent incident at school is not something you want to think about, but first responders have to be ready.

According to Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard, it's no longer about hostages, demands and negotiations. It has become all about how many people they can hurt.

"There has been an evolution of tactics. Going back to Columbine, there used to be contain/negotiate before then. Our tactics have to evolve so the quickest thing we can do is insert to neutralize," said Bouchard.

Officers put their lives on the line in training. In a real incident they would be walking right into live fire, and a second of delay could cost a life.

"When you hear something going on, you go to it and you engage it immediately. There is no delay. Get a sense of what's going on, insert to neutralize," said Bouchard.

More than two dozen communities in Oakland County have officers participating in these school shooting trainings. In an emergency, they need to think and react as a team.

"More than likely, multiple agencies will be responding very quickly to that location and so if you end up with different teams that are from different agencies, now they will all have this as a backdrop. We share equipment, we share personnel, we share resources to better protect Oakland County. That's the bottom line: How can we best be prepared to protect anything that happens in Oakland County?" said Bouchard.

They hope to have 1,000 officers trained by the end of the year.

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