Parents in Independence Township push to get K2 out of stores

Mothers try to get store owners to stop selling popular drug among teens, K2

INDEPENDENCE TOWNSHIP, Mich. - A group of moms in the Clarkston area are trying to convince the owners of gas stations, drug stores and liquor stores to stop selling K2 and other synthetic marijuana products that are legal and have no government restrictions.

"Why would you continue to sell something that causes so much harm to our community, to our children?" said Lisa Barth, one of the moms behind the campaign.

Owners who are participating have posted the signed petition in their store windows. That includes the Citgo gas station at Sashabaw and Maybee roads, plus seven other stores they own.

"We wanted to set ourselves apart from a station that will do anything for a buck," said Rocky Pauley, regional manager.

The Marathon gas station down the road still sells "spice," the generic name for the products which are sold as potpourri or incense. That owner said on the phone that it is legal and they answer to a demand from customers.

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Two other liquor store owners in the area would not let Local 4 cameras inside but said they have stopped selling.

"It says right on it, 'Not for human consumption.' I tell all of them, you're messing your brain up. It's killing them. You can see it. It's obvious," said Noah De Voe, 21.

De Voe said 90 percent of his friends use it.

K2 connected to violent crimes in Oakland County:

The recent murder cases of the Cipriano and Hoffman families have brought the use of "spice" to light, causing parents to talk with their teenage kids.

"It's just not anything that you want to try because it's toxic," said David Alexander, a father of two teenage boys.

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