Troy City Council approves revised transit center plan

Revised plan passes at Tuesday City Council meeting

TROY, Mich. - After the proposal was derailed in December, the Troy City Council met Tuesday night to discuss a revised plan for a city transit center.

This time, the vote passed in a split decision, 4-3.

The original $8.4 million federal-funded plan was rejected in a 4-3 vote on Dec. 19. However, the Troy Chamber of Commerce worked with the City Council to plan a less-costly, $6.2 million federal-funded plan.

"We see this as a critical asset to move our community forward and to enable us to compete by creating jobs and enhancing our tax base," said Michele Hodges, president of the Troy Chamber of Commerce.

As expected, the revised plan ended up swinging on Councilman Wade Fleming's vote. Fleming reversed his position since the December vote.

U.S. Rep. Gary Peters, D-Bloomfield Township, supported the Council's decision to accept the transit center plan and move forward.

"Investing in a regional transit plan for the greater Detroit area is critical in spurring economic development, creating jobs and building our way out of these tough economic times," said Peters in a news release. "The decision to accept these funds moves our region closer to a broader greater Detroit transit plan. I think credit is due to the business community and the families of Troy that refused to take no for an answer from City Council."

The Council gave the OK to start the project at Coolidge and Maple roads.

"This is the future," said Toby Gosselin, who lives in Troy. "There is growth. There is hope and our city knees to have hope right now."

Troy Mayor Janice Daniels remained opposed to the project.

"As a nation, we are drowning in debt and I just think it's more important that we recover from this position we've found ourselves in," the mayor said.

The facility will support intercity rail, regional busing and taxis.

Pictured above is the transit center plan as proposed Jan. 17.

Pictured above is the current Amtrak station near Coolidge and Maple roads.

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