Waterford hit hard with flood waters

Northern Oakland County gets worst of flooding water during Thursday's storms

By Mara MacDonald - Reporter


Video from Sky 4 told the story Thursday evening in Oakland County: major flooding and tree and power line damage.

Images: N. Oakland County floods

The rain was coming down so fast and so hard that low-lying areas off of Pontiac Lake Road got swamped. David Vail couldn't believe it when the water overwhelmed the outside and then inside of his apartment.

"You can see kind of where the water was coming in from. And then it came through here all the way into our apartment this way, and then as you can see with our water damage, we got water coming in from this direction and this direction," Vail said.

The good news is the water has receded. The bad news is that everything is waterlogged. Vail's whole apartment was, at one point, under 2 or 3 inches of water. The carpet squishes as you walk on it.

"Every inch of our apartment, from the storage closet here to my bedroom, our bathroom, got completely soaked," he said.

Neighbor Matt Fritzen has lived in the area for years and has never seen anything like it.

"Apartment complex said they were going to come out and have it extracted. We just hope they come out soon and we can get a little bit of sleep tonight," Fritzen said.

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