Off-duty Detroit officer shoots, kills alleged carjacker

Southfield Police confirm officer drew gun on three teenage suspects, killing one

By Lauren Podell - Reporter

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. - "The gun fire, it was like five or six times, it was just constantly going off," said Shawntese Beachan.

People like Shawntese Beachan, who live in the Sutton Place Complex on 9 Mile and Lasher were startled awake by the sound of gunfire just before 2 a.m. Monday.

"It happened while just about everyone was asleep," said William Bowens. "Those gunshots could have gone into any of these apartments, just makes you feel uncomfortable."

Early Monday morning, crime scene investigators from Southfield Police were busy counting casings and taking measurements. As the sun came up, more neighbors walked outside only to learn their homes were blocked off with crime scene tape.

But Local 4 has learned this Southfield crime scene has a Detroit connection. In a statement, Southfield Police confirm three teenage suspects had their eyes a black Dodge Charger on the 20,000 block of Riverside Drive. A car that happened to belong to an off duty Detroit Police Officer. Police say two of the teens pulled out weapons and pointed them at the 17 year police veteran. That's when Southfield Police said, the officer drew his gun, fatally shooting the 17-year-old suspect. When police arrived on scene, two other suspects were arrested, both just 16 years old.

As the scene wrapped up, police had the black Charger towed away as evidence. But what happened in this usually quiet neighborhood, won't be forgotten easily.

"Now that this happened, I am just scared and thinking about moving," said Beachan.

Local 4 spoke with Sgt. Erin Stephens who tells Local 4 it is protocol for their officers to take the necessary measures to keep themselves safe if they are feeling threatened.

The off duty officer is being questioned by Southfield Police. The investigation is ongoing.

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