Pets panic during fireworks, storms, keeping Metro Detroit animal shelters busy

Fireworks cause noise phobia for pets

By Brandon Roux - Meteorologist, Segment Reporter/Producer

MADISON HEIGHTS, Mich. - Experts say thunderstorms and fireworks create noise phobia for many pets.

We may be seeing and hearing both here in Michigan this weekend. We caught up with Michelle Whittie and her dog, Tikki, at the Red Oaks Dog Park in Madison Heights. Tikki, she says, doesn't do well in storms.

"She hides under our bed covers or just under our bed," says Whittie.

Veterinarians say, if your cat or dog shakes and howls or can't control its bowls due to explosive noises, there is a cure.

"I recommend tranquilizers so they're sedated and don't get nervous, hide, and don't eat," says Dr. Syed Samad of Harper Avenue Animal Hospital.

Neighborhood fireworks go on nightly leading up to July 4th, so try tiring your pets out early. They may sleep through the stress.

Dr. Samad says you can also try neutralizing outside noise with a loud fan, radio, or TV in your pets resting spot.

"The best place for them is the basement. Less noise means less problems," adds Dr. Samad.

The doctor has a warning for curious pet owners too. Some dogs get burned chasing things like bottle rockets and chew right through unattended fireworks.

"They can chew on them and get poisoned. Gun Powder poisoning," says Dr. Samad.

Some experts also recommend Benadryl if you can't get a tranquilizer but check with a professional so you know how much to give your pet. Also make sure their tags and microchips are up to date in case they flee during a storm or fireworks show.

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