Plan for radio towers stirs heated debate in Milford, Wixom

Wixom resident oppose plan for series of radio towers in nearby Milford

MILFORD, Mich. - A meeting of the Milford Township Board of Trustees went deep into the night Wednesday with a discussion about plans to erect a series of radio towers.

Birach Broadcasting, which owns AM stations in metro Detroit and in other states, wants to relocate seven 200-foot towers from Fenton, Mich. to Milford Township.

However, several residents of neighboring Wixom are opposed to the plan. They voiced their opposition Wednesday night.

"The issue is the radio waves -- are they going to interfere with cellphones? Are they going to interfere with wireless Internet? Are they going to interfere with television reception? Any of those things," said Don Green, Milford Township supervisor.

The supervisor says the nearest house in Wixom would be more than 1,200 feet away.

The radio station owner called the opponents an angry mob.

The board did go ahead and approve the plans.

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