Plane gets stuck on metro airport runway

Tense moments for passengers on board a Delta flight headed to Detroit from Las Vegas.

Passengers were stuck on the taxi-way when their plane somehow slid onto the grass at metro airport.

"We were on the longest runway they had and it just wasn't enough. It was like a toboggan ride down the runway and we just couldn't make the turn at the end and we slid off the runway into the grass," said passenger Steve Maranowski.

Maranowski is one of 160 passengers who took a flight from Las Vegas to Detroit this morning.

"The problem was they had to wait for the salt trucks, wait for the towing company, and wait for the operations to get it out. So it took us about two and a half hours to get us off the grass and back to the airport," said Maranowski.

According to Delta, the plane taxied, left the pavement and ended up in the grass, with one of the wheels stuck in the mud.

"We immediately closed the runway and Delta sent a crew out there and buses to unload the aircraft," said Mike Conway with metro airport.

Delta crews on the ground were able to push the plane back onto the pavement and get everyone back to the gate safely.

"We had a perfect landing and then the plane just couldn't stop in time. We couldn't make the corner and ran over some runway lights," said passenger Dan Waitz.

Delta is investigating the accident. There is still no official word on what may have caused the plane to veer off track.

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