Police search for peeper, home intruder in Madison Heights

Neighborhood on alert after woman wakes to intruder, others report man peeping into homes in Madison Heights

MADISON HEIGHTS, Mich. - Police in Madison Heights say a man has been peeping and breaking into homes.

The first report in August was about a man in a ski mask who broke into a home on Woodmont Street. The homeowner, a lone woman, awoke to find him standing over her.

"We do have information now that he did touch her at some point, which is extremely alarming to us," said Madison Heights Police Lt. Corey Haines.

Neighbors in the area have reported seeing a man trying to jimmy doors and peek into windows. The most recent break-in was reported last week at a woman's home.

The woman is sure the man was watching her family, including her two children, and calculating the comings and goings of her husband, a local police officer.

One neighbor installed new sensor-controlled outdoor lights at his house as a deterrent.

Madison Heights police say the man is a 10 on their radar -- with 10 being the highest.

"This is right at the top of the scale," said Haines. "We have officers who are doing extra checks in the neighborhood. We have officers who are going door-to-door. A lot of times when we see these incidents they can get worse as time goes on. The person gets braver and is in the house a little bit longer. We don't want to see that happen. We want to see this come to an end."

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