Police warn residents about mail thief in Bloomfield Township

Bloomfield Township police are warning residents about recent mail thefts

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BLOOMFIELD TWP., Mich. - The Bloomfield Township Police Department is warning residents about recent mail thefts.

According to police, they have received several reports of outgoing mail being taken residential mailboxes. 

"We're fortunate to live in a fairly nice neighborhood and to some extent that makes us targets," said resident Vicky Rush.

The thieves are driving around neighborhoods looking for the raised red flag on the mailboxes and then taking outgoing checks. Once they have the check, the thieves are making counterfeit checks with the stolen account number.

"In some cases, washing the checks, putting a different payee on them, usually to themselves," said Officer Pete Matejcik of the Bloomfield Police. "The account numbers are being used to create counterfeit checks and then in some cases there's been account takeover."

Police advise residents to place outgoing checks in to USPS boxes located around the city or at the post office.

Alternatively, consider setting up electronic payment with your bank or the payee.

If you believe that you are a victim you are advised your local police department.