Residents, nearby businesses await demolition of burned Waterford bowling alley debris

Lakewood Lanes debris remains 'eyesore' since Aug. 23 fire which destroyed family-owned bowling alley

By Rod Meloni - Reporter, CFP ®


A family-owned Waterford bowling alley burned Aug. 23 in a massive fire which started with explosions.

The Fire Marshal never did find out what caused Lakewood Lanes to burn. Neighboring businesses sorry to see the alley burn helped with the aftermath, to a point. Now, they are frustrated by the debris nearly two months since the fire.

"This is an eyesore for Waterford. It really is," said Shannon Matilla, of Recovery Consultants. "It's real easy to tell people our directions. They say, 'Oh, you're the one two doors down from the burned building.' It's still sitting there and we're trying to have Waterford be a better area."

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As the weeks passed at the cellphone store next door, Mason Shonnia liked the situation less.

"It's pretty frustrating. We'd like to get it cleaned up so our building shows up a little bit better, and you know it doesn't look nice," Shonnia said.

The Waterford Building Department was not impressed with the lack of demolition or clean up either. The owners received a warning on Oct. 1 to get going with the clean up. Then, this past week, the owners received a $75 ticket for the mess and a deadline of Oct. 16 -- Tuesday -- to get the entire mess picked up or they will end up in court.

Local 4 tried to contact the alley's owners. There were answers on Monday. However, on Monday afternoon, the Building Department called Local 4 and said a contractor was in the office looking to pull permits to do the demolition. The Premiere Construction Company confirmed it has subcontracted the demolition. They are working to get the OK from utilities to make sure they can get out to the alley and get the mess cleaned up.

They expect to start within the next week.

-- Lakewood Lanes burned down Aug. 23

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