Sheriff: Howell woman rams car into husband's condo

Livingston County Sheriff: Woman rammed vehicle into husband's condo after learning of his girlfriend

HOWELL, Mich. -

A 41-year-old Howell woman is charged with home invasion and malicious destruction of property after a confrontation with her estranged husband and his girlfriend.

Jeana Moir spent time in jail but has posted a $1,000 bond to get out.

"She lost control and wanted a confrontation with the girlfriend who was hiding," said Livingston County Sheriff Bob Bezotte.

The Sheriff says Moir moved out of the condo she shared with her husband back in November. She came back Monday to have lunch and thought they were getting their relationship back on track.

"They were seeing their pastor and a marriage counselor," Bezotte said.

However, when the husband did not answer the door, Moir got into the condo through an unlocked window. She confronted her husband and the girlfriend who ran to another room to hide.

Bezotte said they then went outside and got inside Moir's sports utility vehicle.

"She took her vehicle and started banging the garage door," he said.

Inside the garage was the girlfriend's Cadillac and her estranged husband's motorcycle. A gas line was broken and the foundation to the condo was damaged.

"Too often people either are getting divorced or have domestic issues and it leads to violence," said the Sheriff. "So that's the last thing you need."

Local 4 was not able to contact the husband.

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