Staying safe this 4th of July

Advice for safety on water, land, with food

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DETROIT - The 4th of July may fall on a Wednesday this year but people will still be traveling and celebrating all week long.
For many, the celebration starts on the water and Marine Patrols are well aware. They'll be out in full force looking to stop partyers and speeders.

"The biggest thing we are looking for is make sure you have life jackets on board, especially if you have youth," says Police Officer Drew O'Connor.
Marine Patrols also stress the importance of having a working marine radio. Cell phones are great on land, but as boaters head offshore the phone signal weakens as they move away from the coastline.

"You got to take that serious if you don't somebody could get hurt and killed," says Tom Webber, a boat owner.
"Be responsible. Get a designated driver for a boat just like you would with a car," adds O'Connor.

On the roads, expect to see increased DUI checkpoints all hours of the day, all week long.

"This holiday season we're encouraging residents to go to public fireworks displays rather than take fireworks in their residence and at parties," says James C. Rovella, law enforcement official.
If you're planning a barbecue to celebrate, don't forget food safety.
Don't leave food out unrefrigerated for more than two hours or one hour if it's out in the hot weather.
If that's not long enough, remember to put the food on ice.

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