Storms cause damage in Dexter, Washtenaw County; no injuries

Thursday storms leave some damage in Dexter community still recovering from tornado

DEXTER, Mich. -

From Monroe County to Macomb County, storms swept through several southeastern communities on Thursday.

The Washtenaw County community of Dexter was hit the hardest. Trees were displaced and even a barn was destroyed.

Images: Trees down, barn ruined in Dexter

Blue tarps were out again in a community still regrouping from a spring tornado which left it in ruins.

Thursday's storm was nowhere near the power of that tornado, but it did knock trees over and brought down the Lesser's barn.

"It was a swirling gray mass ... I just screamed for my kids to get downstairs," said Amy Lesser.

Watch: Devastation in Dexter: 1 month later

Lesser and her children made it through just fine. However, the barn and several trees on the property were severely damaged.

"The good buildings are undamaged, completely, so I don't feel too bad," said Tom Lesser.

Down the road from the Lessers, it was the same story. Tree limbs smashed through walls and windows at Lori Cater's house.

"It came through a bedroom on the top floor and it came through my dining room on the bottom floor," Cater said.

Cater admits she had a momentary freak-out, but she quickly realized it wasn't that bad and it could have been worse.

"There's some damage to the house, but I'm alive and life is good," she said.

There were no injuries reported.

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