Surveillance video captures 2 men attempting to rob El Charro Mexican Restaurant

Police say both men left restaurant empty handed

By Lauren Podell - Reporter


Two men attempted to rob the El Charro Mexican Restaurant in St. Clair Shores.

Surveillance video captured two men, masked and armed with guns, racing in through the back door August 11th. Once in the kitchen, they waved a stainless steal revolver in the air, forcing two employees to the ground.

Jennifer Mancuso works across the street at Mancuso Florist and can see El Charro through her window.  She says it's scary for this to happen in St. Clair Shores.

"It's right out in the open," said Mancuso. "I mean, it's not like a strip mall or anything to where it would be hidden a little bit."

This attempted robbery happened last Saturday after the restaurant closed at 10 p.m., the same time Mancuso is working across the street.

"It's scary because I work here late a lot, about four times a week by myself," said Mancuso. "I probably won't be doing that anytime soon."

In a different camera angle, robbers walked over a cleaning bucket as an employee was trying to mop the floor.  The masked duo looked at the safe, but according to police, left the restaurant empty handed.

Employees say they have left their back door open for 15 years and never had an incident like this before. Police believe the robbers are connected with the rest of the restaurant and the employees.

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