The search for Jimmy Hoffa continues

Feds digging in Oakland Township for Hoffa remains; is this last of its kind?

By Hank Winchester - Reporter

OAKLAND TOWNSHIP, Mich. - After two days of endless digging, the search for Jimmy Hoffa will continue. Even though investigators have yet to find anything connected to Hoffa, Tony Zerilli still maintains the former Teamsters leader is buried in Oakland Township.

The latest search for Hoffa's remains has been unfolding this week with a dig in the rural area in north Oakland County. Those who have been close to the case over the years say this, in fact, may be the last large-scale dig for Hoffa.

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Keith Corbett, a former federal prosecutor, explains why.

"It is 38 years ago, and if you were 50 the, you're 88 now. So, it's unlikely there are too many survivors of whatever happened to Hoffa still in a position to tell anybody anything," said Corbett.

After two days of searching, nothing has been found. However, in this case former mob underboss Zerilli provided information few others would have had access to. The feds had to follow up on this one.

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"Given who (Zerilli) was and given the fact that his father was the boss, it's the kind of information he would have probably been expected to receive," said Corbett.

If nothing is found, some will say this was another waste of time and money. Moving forward, it could make agents scrutinize other potential tips.

Meanwhile, this case remains unsolved and many, especially Hoffa's family, hope for closure.

"Is this a worthwhile application of our resources? But we still have to remember one thing: We do have a missing person who is presumed murdered," said Corbett.

Jimmy Hoffa went missing July 30, 1975 and was declared dead July 30, 1982.

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