Thieves swipe Ford Fusion wheels in Taylor

Taylor police work to solve crimes as wave of Ford Fusion wheel thefts hits city

By Roger Weber - Reporter

TAYLOR, Mich. -

Wheel thieves have been targeting Ford Fusion sedans in driveways and parking lots in Taylor.

Sometimes the thieves strike during the day, but usually at night.

Theresa Winnie made an unpleasant discovery at 5 o'clock one recent morning. Thieves had gotten to the Fusion owned by her 21-year-old son.

"I went out to take the trash to the front of the house and I noticed that there were lug nuts laying on the sidewalk next to the car, and I thought someone had played a joke on my son," she said. "So, after I dropped off the trash can and I walked around to the other side of the car."

Two tires were gone. Lug nuts had been removed from the driver's side. However, something apparently spooked the criminals before they could finish the job.

"They got a couple of the landscape blocks to put underneath the front wheel hub and the rear wheel hub," said Dennis Winnie.

In most cases, working like a pit crew, the thieves get all the wheels. They have struck six different locations during the first three weeks of August in Taylor.

On July 30, a college student in Taylor found the Fusion she had leased only a week earlier up on blocks.

Taylor police say they are actively working to solve the crimes.

"Those particular two tires ran $2,030," said Dennis. "You feel violated."

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