Traffic mistake leads to violent road rage in Royal Oak

Royal Oak police say women attack car with baseball bats after getting cut off on I-75

ROYAL OAK, Mich. -

Royal Oak police say it started when a Detroit woman accidentally cut off a car on Interstate 75.

That ticked off the driver of the car, a Charger. She became so angry that she started following the woman. Police say the Detroit woman was terrified, and she kept driving for 20 minutes.

She turned off onto 11 Mile Road, striking two cars while she tried to shake the angry driver. She stopped and five women got out of the preying vehicle and ambushed her car.

"She had a green light and was able to pull around that vehicle," said Royal Oak Police Lt. Thomas Goad.

She floored it. But the Charger, filled with women, got right back behind her. When she approached a red light at 11 Mile and Campbell roads, police say the Charger driver zoomed in front of her vehicle and blocked her in at the intersection. She was trapped.

That's when the women got out of the Charger with baseball bats and started going to work on the woman's vehicle. They busted out the windows and windshield and banged up the car.

Police are searching for the bat-wielding women. They say the victim of this road rage is OK, but her car took quite the beating.

The five suspects got away in the white Charger.

Police advise drivers to call 911 and drive to the nearest police station if they are ever in a situation like this.

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