Trend of break-ins has Canton Township neighborhood on alert

Canton Township neighborhood wary after string of break-ins

By Lauren Podell - Reporter


Nancy Oz's neighborhood is the definition of Canton Township suburbia.

However, today Oz won't even take little Jasmine, her dog, for a walk without shutting her garage. Not after her neighbor's house was ransacked.

"Our sense of security is just gone now," she said. "Her back door was kicked in. The house was just ransacked, draws spilled out, glass smashed, just a mess."

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The robbery on Hunters Ridge is one of five since the beginning of August. Canton Township police believe the same robbers hit homes on Westfield, Cherry Hill, Saltza, Lilley, Fleetwood and Ford roads.

The 5th break-in happened at Georgetown and Cherry Hill. A man was captured on surveillance video. It is believed he broke into a nearby garage.

"The fact that this happened right next door to me is scary enough but to know it's happening all around the area, I mean this is suburbia, it's terrifying," Oz said.

Without anyone in custody, Oz's neighbors now leave their back porch block off with their glider. They are doing anything to fend off unwanted guests.

"I have an alarm, but I'll be using it properly now," Oz said. "I am even getting new patio lights put in, so many people in this neighborhood on high alert."

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