Union members protest at State Capitol

Hundreds fight against Michigan becoming a "right to work" State

By Shawn Ley - Reporter

LANSING - Expect a wild day at the state Capitol Thursday, and a bitter fight that will impact you and your family.

Union protests took place at the Capitol building in Lansing on Wednesday, and hundreds of union members from metro Detroit are expected to flock to the Capitol again on Thursday.

The issue is the future of unions in the state versus Michigan becoming a "right to work state."

Unions here want to avoid what happened in Wisconsin. That state said it no longer could afford to pay union-bargained for pensions and benefits, and massive protests when the governor worked to end collective bargaining.

In Michigan – unions pushed for proposal 2 which would put collective bargaining in stone. That proposal failed.

This opened the door for republican lawmakers in Michigan to make it a right to work state, meaning you would not have to join or pay a union to get or keep your job at a company.

Unions say wages will plummet, and the teeth will be taken out of their union to fight for them.

On the other hand, businesses are flocking to right to work states, bringing much needed jobs.


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