Children, CPR help save 10-year-old child after near drowning at Independence Lake

Group of children see victim floating in water, pull him to shore where life guards perform CPR

WEBSTER, Mich. - A 10-year-old child was saved by CPR on Tuesday at Independence Lake after children in the community discovered he was drowning.

A spokeswoman with the University of Michigan Health System said the child was in critical condition on Wednesday.

An investigation by deputies revealed that the child was at the lake on Tuesday with other children and went into the water. After an unknown amount of time, an adult had told the children to get out of the lake.

A couple of the children saw the victim floating in the water as they were swimming towards shore, according to the police report. They had checked on him and observed he was not responsive.

The children pulled the victim to shore and alerted adults. At this point, the child was checked but no pulse or breathing was detected.

Life guards and an adult in the area with medical experience performed CPR on the child. They were able to bring back a pulse and breathing after several minutes.

The child was transported by medical personnel to the University of Michigan Hospital.

For more information on preventing drowning, the University of Michigan offers these guidelines.

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