Chuck Gaidica surveys Dexter's tornado damage

Resident: 'We're lucky nobody was killed'

DEXTER TWP., Mich. - Local 4's Chuck Gaidica visited tornado ravaged homes in Dexter just one day after the storm damaged nearly 50 homes.

The area is busy with work crews clearing downed trees and insurance adjusters looking at damage.

Officials say homes on Flemming Road, Hidden Lake Circle and homes across the street on Dexter-Pinckney Road were damaged by all the debris flying through the air.

Large pine trees have been ripped up and tossed, boards from shattered homes came raining down like spikes, landing in yards and sticking into rooftops.

WATCH: Trees snapped like twigs


Larry Brennan was amazed that no one was killed.

He saw the tornado coming across Horseshoe Bend right toward his home across the street. Brennan ran inside to take cover. After the storm blew through he found had been badly damaged by flying debris.


An expert says unusually warm temperatures and moisture in the air likely contributed to the tornado that tore through a village northwest of Ann Arbor.
Perry Samson of the University of Michigan says Friday it's rare to have such a powerful tornado in Michigan at this time of year. The atmospheric science professor says, "We didn't see this coming."
The National Weather Service says the tornado that struck Dexter on Thursday had wind of 135 mph and was on the ground for about 30 minutes. The tornado damaged more than 100 homes, including at least 13 that were destroyed. There were no reports of serious injuries.
Temperatures topped 70 degrees Thursday.

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Images: Homes damaged by the tornado

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