Former Hutaree militia member acquitted in Gov. plot elected lawman in Washtenaw County

Michael Meeks ran unopposed for constable of Bridgewater Township

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The new lawman in a Washtenaw County township is a former militia member.

Michael Meeks last week won the job of constable in Bridgewater Township, near Manchester.

The former member of the Hutaree militia was unopposed and got 631 votes in the election.

Meeks says his duties in the unpaid job still are unclear, although he might get involved in enforcing zoning issues.

In March, a judge acquitted him and others, saying prosecutors failed to prove their case.

Meeks says many people in the community agree with him that it was a "phony" case.

Who are the Hutaree:

The Hutaree are self-proclaimed "Christian warriors" who trained themselves in paramilitary techniques in preparation for what they say on their Web site is a battle against the Antichrist.

Meeks was among nine members of the Hutaree militia charged with conspiring to attack the government.

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