Think again before accepting a surprise gift this Valentine's Day

A new credit card scam is going around the Northfield Township area

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NORTHFIELD TWP, Mich. - Northfield Township residents should think twice before accepting a surprise gift this Valentine's Day.

The Northfield Township Police department is warning residents about a new scam going around the area.

It starts with a call from a person claiming they are from a company called, "Express Couriers." The caller tells the victim they have been sent a gift, and makes sure they will be home in an hour to receive the delivery.

About an hour later, the suspect shows up disguised as a deliveryman to bring a beautiful gift basket of flowers and wine. The suspect explains they only deliver the gift and a card from the sender will be arriving separately. Of course, the card never comes.

The "deliveryman" says because the gift contains alcohol, there is a $3.50 charge to prove the package was given to an adult. They claim the company only allows them to accept debit or credit card so that no cash is exchanged and everything is accounted for. They then swipe the card on a mobile card machine where the victim enters their card's PIN and security number. The suspect even gives a receipt for the transaction.

About a week later, the victim will find that money has been charged or withdrawn from their account at several ATM's all over the county. The mobile credit card machine allowed the suspect to create a "dummy" card with all of the necessary information.

If you believe you have been a target of the scam, report all information to the Northfield Township Police Department.

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