Top 10 reasons the Winter Classic isn't good

By Bernie Smilovitz - Anchor
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Bernie Smilovitz

DETROIT - Everyone is talking about how great it is that the Winter Classic is coming to the Big House. Well here's 10 reasons why it's not so great to have it outside in Ann Arbor:

10.Might interfere with the keg party at the quad.
9. No fighting by the's too cold.
8. Hot chocolate buzz
7. Rear end paralysis a real possibility with the cold and the bench seating 6. How the heck is the football team going to practice?
5. With a crowd of 115,000...where you going to park...Livonia?
4. If global warming speeds up they might have a swim meet.
3. Frozen beer
2. Can't we just sit home and sober up from the night before?
1. NBC is televising the game which means we all have to work.

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