Another Wayne County official faces federal corruption charges

Wayne County Director of Enterprise Application Zayd Allebban accused of obstruction of justice, falsifying documents

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Another Wayne County government official faces federal corruption charges.

Zayd Allebban, the county's director of enterprise application, was indicted Wednesday for obstruction of justice and falsifying documents.

The 33-year-old is accused of conspiring with his supervisor, Tahir Kazmi, to deliver cash to a contractor to convince the contractor to lie to the FBI about bribes paid to Kazmi.

Allebban was fired from his position after the first charges. He was in court Thursday and said he is surprised by the charges against him.

"I had hoped that by this point in the investigation, the truth would have emerged, that the U.S. attorney would have understood my position and my circumstances," he said. "But unfortunately that's not the case, but we have to go further and put a little more effort into proving my innocence than I originally thought."

Allebban also is accused of creating false documents to cover up the bribes.

Last week, Kazmi pleaded guilty to taking bribes.

-- Tahir Kazmi was accused of pressuring a county vendor to lie to FBI agents during their investigation into possible county government.

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