Bashara case: Oregon woman testifies in Michigan

Mystery woman in Michigan for testimony in Bashara murder investigation

DETROIT - The Local 4 Defenders have learned a mystery woman from Oregon spent hours Monday giving sworn testimony, under oath, regarding Bob Bashara, his involvement in the BDSM community and the possibility of a double life.

The Defenders were first to report about Internet posts revealing, what police sources say, what was a new life evolving between Bob Bashara, his supposed mistress, Rachel, and a woman from Oregon who would "round out" the relationship.

"If somebody came out from Oregon, they're a witness. They need to get testimony from here," said Local 4 legal expert Todd Flood. "They make it convenient. They get them here and put the testimony under oath to tie up all the loose ends."

Police sources said Bob Bashara was looking to buy a new home in the Grosse Pointe area where the new family of three would live.

Just a short time before his wife Jane Bashara's murder, according to the Internet posts, Bob Bashara flew to meet the woman in Oregon.

That woman now has flown to Michigan at the request of police and prosecutors.

"You're not going to take a witness statement over the phone," Flood said. "Not knowing who the person is, how their reactions are, what the facial expressions are, whether or not you can gauge if they're telling the truth. The Wayne County Prosecutor's office, they're pros."

Flood said this witness from Oregon is crucial to the case which is why she was flown to Michigan under a shroud of secrecy.

Police sources said the woman left Metro Detroit and flew back to Oregon after the testimony.

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