Coast Guard rescues missing fisherman from Lake Erie

63-year-old Brownstown Township man clung to capsized boat for 14 hours before rescue


The U.S. Coast Guard says a 63-year-old Brownstown Township man spent about 14 hours clinging to his overturned fishing boat in western Lake Erie before a passing boater spotted him.

The man set out fishing on a 16-foot boat from Bolles Harbor in Monroe County's Monroe Township around 6:30 a.m. Saturday. The man's wife later called police to report him missing when she didn't hear from him.

Police found the man's vehicle and boat trailer still sitting at the boat launch and the Coast Guard was dispatched to investigate.

Both U.S. and Canadian crews were searching for the man when just before 7 a.m., a caller reported seeing a man stranded on an overturned boat. Coast Guard crews were able to rescue him and confirmed he was the missing fisherman.

The U.S. Coast Guard boat took the man to Meinkes Marina in Anchor Point, Ohio, for care. There's no immediate word on his condition.

The rescued fisherman told crews his boat capsized during a storm squall on Saturday. The man was wearing a life jacket, which is a good thing since he was in the water for 14 hours before he was rescued.

Water Safety:

The Coast Guard reminds boaters to always carry emergency communication devices on a boat.

A VHF-FM marine radio is the best and easiest way to contact the Coast Guard in an emergency situation.

Cell phones are good, but serve better as a secondary form of communication due to possibilities of coverage gaps. Flares and other emergency signaling devices are important, too.

The only life jacket that can help save your life is one that is being worn. Since you can never predict when you may unexpectedly enter the water always wear a life vest.

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