Demand for Wayne County executive's resignation fails, but will be on next week's agenda

Wayne County Commissioner's push to get demand for Ficano's resignation on agenda fails Thursday

DETROIT - Wayne County Commission Vice Chair Pro-Tem Laura Cox is asking for Executive Robert Ficano to step down for what she calls "the good of the country."

Her effort to formally demand for Ficano's resignation on Thursday failed but Commission Chair Gary Woronchak will not be able to keep it off of next week's agenda.

The issue will go in front of the Commission. Five other members of the Commission backed Cox on Thursday.

Cox has been trying for the past three months to get the issue on the Commission's agenda.

It has twice been on the agenda and twice rejected.

"I'm just finally fed up. Enough is enough. We have too many things going wrong in Wayne County. We have appointee after appointee getting criminal complaints of indictments," Cox told Local 4. "Enough is enough and I just can't sit quiet anymore."

Cox said she will continue her fight to let Ficano know there is trouble in paradise.

"He needs to take responsibility. He should take a class in how to not accept responsibility, because that's what he does continually, over and over again," Cox said. "And I don't think we should settle for that in Wayne County."

Her five backers were enough for Woronchak to change his mind and allow the issue to be on the agenda.

"I'm going to actually send this to the committee as a whole. I've been saying all along that if members of the Commission wanted to take this up I work for them. I work for the Commission," Woronchak said.

The next committee of the whole meeting is scheduled for June 7.

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