General Motors wows Detroiters at NAIAS

GM makes comeback at 2014 auto show

DETROIT - General Motors is in the process of a major comeback early in 2014. Viewers were dazzled by the showing from GM Monday during the Media Day at the North American International Auto Show. After facing bankruptcy just a short time ago, the company is now heading for success.

Mark Reuss, GM's New Product Development Chief, says he and new CEO Mary Barra have been working together with their team to build a different culture for the car company.

"This is a team sport," Reuss said. "There's never just one person who makes a big difference for an auto company with all the different products and complexity it takes to produce a great automobile. But we set the tone, and we drive it, and we're very much aligned on what we think the company should be."

GM is now one of only two car companies to win both car and truck of the year at the same time.

GM wowed the crowd with the revealing of the new corvette Z06 with 625 horsepower. Analysts say this automobile is the GM of the future.

"Mark Reuss and Mary Barra will be the strongest duo running this car company in decades," said Jeanne Jennings. "I have all the faith in the world."

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