Retired Detroit police detective talks about the Jane Bashara murder case

GROSSE POINTE PARK, Mich. - The murder case of Jane Bashara is making national headlines. Local 4 spoke with Tom Berry, a former Detroit Police Department investigator, about the case.  

Q:  The killer may not have acted alone.  What does that mean as an investigator?

A:  That is very good news to me. They have somebody else that maybe helped somebody with the disposal of the body. Now you have a witness.  Maybe you can make a deal.  It raises the odds that you can solve the case and get a conviction.

Q: The fact that she may not have been killed in her car in Detroit.  Does that complicate things for the jurisdiction standpoint?

A:  I think they have the manpower and the resources in Grosse Pointe Park.  We've work with their chief on many initiatives.  They have the manpower and certainly have the intelligence over there. I think the good thing that happened here, the solvability factor, is the fact the body was found in Detroit.  You have Detroit with the experience - they are closing cases left and right in Detroit. Now it is time to switch it back to Grosse Pointe Park where maybe the event took place.  There is much quicker processing in Detroit than Grosse Pointe Park would.  So, I think it is a win-win situation in this investigation.

Q:  At what point can a prosecutor move forward when he starts to see inconsistencies in things that may case doubt on some stories?

A:  The prosecutor is going to wait for Grosse Pointe Park to present their warrant – if that is the case here – they're going to present their warrant request. The Wayne County Prosecutor is not going to push them to hurry. They are going to let them take their time and do a thorough job.

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