Testimony in Bashara murder case resumes Thursday

Bob Bashara's alleged mistress Rachel Gillett expected to retake stand to testify about relationship

By Halston Herrera - Digital news editor

DETROIT - Bob Bashara's alleged mistress continued testifying Thursday, saying she tried several times to break off the relationship but that she wasn't allowed to.

Rachel Gillette's testimony is part of the preliminary hearing for Bashara, who is charged with his wife Jane's 2012 murder.

Gillette said she and Bashara engaged in an erotic relationship, he was the master and she was the slave.

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When their relationship began in 2008, Gillette said Bashara told her he was a widower but then confessed he was still married. Gillette said Bashara told her that despite still being married, his relationship with his wife was empty -- they didn't have sex and were living separate lives under one roof. Bashara told Gillette he was staying with his wife for his two children's sake.

Gillette said the situation didn't sit right with her and she didn't want to be the "other woman."

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Through emails, Gillette said she tried to break up with Bashara, citing his marriage, other instances of cheating and concerns about finances. Gillette said Bashara wrote her back every day professing his love for her and promising that he had a plan to divorce his wife.

Gillette said her relationship with Bashara was very open on her end, he went to family functions, went to her work frequently and had met and spoken with her children.

In 2011, Gillette said, Bashara told her he was divorced and the two started looking at houses to buy together. When they found one, Gillette said she demanded to see the divorce papers from Bashara or else she wouldn't make the move. She said he never came up with the papers.

The day Jane Bashara was found dead

Gillette testified that Bob Bashara called her at 1 a.m. on Jan. 25, 2012, to say his wife was missing. He was very distraught and said police had been to his house and he was worried about being blamed for whatever happened to her.

Later in the day, Gillette said, Bashara called and told her his wife was dead. He also had invited her to come by the house, but she said she declined because it was "inappropriate." Instead, she did go to a candlelight vigil that was held for Jane.

Gillette said she told Bob she didn't want anymore communication with him, but he kept trying to meet her. Gillette filed a personal protection order against Bob in March 2012.

Power in courtroom goes out

On Wednesday, Gillett had been speaking on her intimate relationship with the Grosse Pointe Park man when the room at the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice went dark. It was evacuated.

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Gillett's testimony comes after Bashara's own daughter testified about how her parents' marriage had been on the rocks before her mother's death.

Bob's wife, Jane Bashara, was found strangled to death in January 2012 inside her SUV which was parked in a Detroit alley.

This preliminary hearing will help a judge decide if there is enough evidence to try Jane's husband on the first degree murder charge.

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