Union activist seeks to stop ex-Detroit Metro Airport CEO Turkia Mullin from getting severance pay

Activist Robert Davis says documents will help him get judge to invalidate Mullin's hiring so she won't get $700,000 from Wayne County

By Rod Meloni - Reporter, CFP ®

DETROIT - Turkia Mullin's short tenure as Detroit Metro Airport CEO was as dramatic as it was controversial.

Mullin got the job with no airport experience. She had worked in development previously. She ended up with a special bonus that, in the end, led to the infamous airport board meeting where she was fired.

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Mullin is after $700,000 in severance pay and upped her legal requests to more than $9 million in a lawsuit.

Union activist Robert Davis says the Mullin drama is costing the airport $1 million. Meanwhile, the airport is looking to cut union airport worker wages and benefits.

Davis asked for and received documents in the Mullin case -- 10,000 pages. He wants to know how it all happened.

The documents were released Thursday. Davis says they are revealing.

"The fix was in from day one, and for some odd reason when that one little issue went askew, the cards collapsed," Davis said.

Davis now will take the findings in the papers and ask an appeals court judge to invalidate Mullin's hiring as a way to prevent her from winning any money from Wayne County.

Davis also is asking Wayne County Executive Bob Ficano and several members of the Airport Authority to step down.

"Her selection was a fraud. Not only was her selection a fraud, her termination is like the Godfather movie when individuals get stabbed in the back by individuals who they sought comfort in. In this case, County Executive Ficano threw (Mullin) under the bus," Davis said.

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