UPDATE: Wade McCree wanted to be a judge again, was disqualfied

Disgraced circuit judgecan't run for old seat on Wayne County bench

By Jeff Wattrick - Web Editor
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Judge Wade McCree admitted to having sex with a woman in his chambers while her case was pending in his court.

DETROIT - Wade McCree, who was removed from the Wayne County Circuit bench after he was accused of having a sexual relationship with a woman appearing in his courtroom, had hoped to win another term on the bench this fall. 

He filed to run for reelection, but his candidacy was declared ineligible because McCree was removed from the bench in March. The Judicial Tenure Commission said McCree committed gross misconduct and embarrassed the judiciary.

McCree's punishment stipulated that if he was reelected, he would be suspended for his entire six-year term.

McCree first became the subject of controversy after selfie photos of a shirtless McCree were discovered. McCree apparently had sent them to a bailiff who was also his mistress.

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