Wayne County fails to review court store contract

Frank Murphy Hall of Justice loses out on making money for county

DETROIT - Frank Murphy Hall of Justice had an opportunity to bring more money into Wayne County, but overlooked the opportunity.

The convenience store inside of the Frank Murphy Hall signed a contract with Karl Kado, which charged him only $400 a month or $50,000 over the life of the deal for the right to sell courthouse workers and visitors food and snacks. However, the county decided they wanted to review the contract.

The contract has not been reviewed in five years and while Wayne County has been ignoring the contract, a new vendor is willing to pay five times more, or $2,000 a month minimally, $118,000 over the contract's life.

Terry Sprizak says those who were monitoring the contracts no longer work for the county. He says he can only speculate why the contracts lapsed.

Wayne County says they are now doing a better job at monitoring the contracts and trying to get more money into the county.

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