Wayne County shakes up leadership

Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano announces 3 new staffers

DETROIT - Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano announced Thursday the resignation of his deputy chief and three new faces he was bringing in.

At a news conference, Ficano said he had accepted the resignation of Azzam Elder, who had been serving a 30-day suspension in connection with a severance scandal. He will be replaced by former U.S. Attorney General Jeffrey Collins.

The county has been under public and federal scrutiny since a severance scandal broke involving the county's former economic development head, Turkia Mullin.M

Mullin voluntarily left her job with the county to become CEO of Detroit Metropolitan Airport, but was given a $200,000 severance package. She and Ficano were criticized about the amount of the payment. Last month, she repaid the after-tax amount of $135,900.

Ficano has said protocols weren't followed in the severance deal. He suspended two officials involved in the deal and fired a contract worker. The FBI is investigating, too.

Ficano also announced former Ford employee Ray Byers would be the county's new director of economic development and Zenna Elhasan would be the new director of corporation council.

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