Wayne County Sheriff, staff make plea for more jail funding

Chief of jails says staff is working excessive overtime, hurting them and inmates

By Roger Weber - Reporter


Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon's chief of jails testified about the negative consequences of jail employees working excessive overtime.

Some are working more than 56 hours a week. Napoleon says that's because he doesn't have nearly the number of deputies he needs.

"It has resulted in a very tired, weary workforce of deputies who work in the jail that creates an environment where officers are not complying with all of the jail's standard operating procedures," said Chief of Jails Jeriel Heard.

Heard said it jail spending stayed within the limits set by the county, 576 inmates would have to be released.

"It presents a clear risk to both staff and to the inmates as it relates to the staff being vigilant and being observant," said Heard.

He believes the money shortage makes it impossible to comply with a consent order issued by Circuit Judge Timothy Kenny.

"Due to the understaffing we've had to limit hours or access of family to conduct visits," said Heard.

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