Westland considers carnival ban due to recent violence

Violence at recent carnival-like events in Metro Detroit has Westland leaders considering ban

By Sandra Ali - Anchor/Reporter


Leaders in the city of Westland are considering a ban on carnival-like events after violence has broken out at recent similar events across Metro Detroit.

A fight erupted this past weekend reportedly between two rival gangs at the popular Saint Mary's Polish Country Fair in Orchard Lake. It was a similar scenario to what happened at a carnival in Westland two weeks ago.

"It seems that every community has the same issue. Carnivals come to town, we think there are little gangs that are setting up turf wars," said Westland City Councilman Bill Johnson.

Police say more than 100 teenagers -- mostly boys -- started a fight during the Westland Firefighters Charity Fund Carnival. It happened in a shopping center parking lot where the violence got so out of hand that it spilled over to neighboring businesses.

That's why Johnson is working with the city attorney to ban local carnivals.

"I really think it's going to happen because it's not for the kids anymore. Parents won't send their kids. It's just not safe," Johnson said.

But is the rest of the community ready for such a ban?

"I don't see that they would have to ban them, just because, if somebody is comfortable going and they think it's safe, then I don't see a problem with having them," said one mother.

Some parents are upset to hear about the prospect of losing a popular summertime tradition.

"I would not like for them to cancel, they are so much fun. I got kids. They are going to miss it," said another mother.

The issue is not on the Westland City Council agenda yet. However, Johnson said enough people feel strong enough about a ban for it to pass.

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