Milan bridal shop closes leaving brides without paid gowns

Brides say dresses trapped in Sarah's Bridal Boutique after store closes

MILAN, Mich. - It's a bride's worst nightmare that has become a reality for customers of one bridal shop.

Brides are saying the owner of Sarah's Bridal Boutique in Milan closed her doors with their fully paid dresses inside and their wedding day is fast approaching.

"My plans are getting married not jail, "said bride-to-be Stephanie Allen. "We're very stressed and upset and angry."

"What am I supposed to do? I don't have my wedding dress," Allen said. "I'm four weeks from my wedding and it's not like I have time to go shopping all over the places and find a new dress. It's crunch time, I need my dress."

Allen came to Sarah's Bridal and Prom Boutique and ordered her dress a year and a half ago. The shop is owned by Christine Marquardt.

"We put half down and went it, came in we paid the rest," said Allen. She paid $1,200 for the gown, but when she came back to pick it up, "We showed up on Thursday the 19th and she wasn't here. Nowhere to be found."

"My dress is here. It's inside right now but we can't get it. It's paid for in full, haven't hear from Christine? Not a return phone call, email, nothing," said Allen.

Another bride already had her wedding and says she has yet to get her bridesmaid dresses she paid for. Instead her bridesmaids ended up wearing dresses from Sears.

"It was hell, it was supposed to be the best day of your life," said the woman.

So where is the owner? Local 4 went searching for answers and made a few phone calls. Local 4 didn't get Christine, but did speak with her husband on the phone.

He says Christine is dealing with the recent death of her mother and she will be back at the store Thursday.

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