Mom accused of dismembering son to be charged Monday

Suspect identified as Donna Scrivo

By Hank Winchester - Reporter

DETROIT - Police are learning more about a woman who is in custody in connection with the St. Clair County human body parts investigation.

Dismembered remains of a white male were found Thursday afternoon along Fred Moore Highway and Allington Road in China Township. Police later identified the man as a person who was reported missing at least a week prior.

Police arrested Donna Scrivo, the victim's 59-year-old mother, Friday after executing a search warrant in the area around where the man lived.

Scrivo reported her 32-year-old son missing on January 27 and called daily to check with police on the status of the case.

Officials are now saying they believe Scrivo not only killed her son, but spent the last week dismembering his body, hiding body parts in garbage bags and cleaning the crime scene.

Those close to the case have told the Local 4 defenders they seized disturbing evidence from inside the home the mother and son shared, including some of the instruments they believe were used to help dismember the victim's body.

Sources also revealed it appears someone worked to clean the inside of the home where the murder may have taken place.

Officials said the victim suffered from mental health issues, which reportedly caused problems between the Scrivo and her son.

Police had been to the the residence before and were familiar with problems in the past. They are now working around the clock, interviewing potential witnesses, collecting evidence and trying to learn more about why a mother would apparently go on the attack and allegedly kill her own son.

Scrivo is expected to be charged Monday afternoon.

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