Mom of murder victim has courtroom outburst

Chikata Madison: 'You're gonna die'

STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. - "You're gonna die, too. You're gonna die, too!"

Chikata Madison couldn't hold back. The mother of murder victim Renisha Landers was in court Friday and for the first time saw the man accused of dismembering her daughter and her daughter's friend, Demesha Hunt. The women's bodies were found stuffed in a car's trunk and dumped in Detroit last December 19th.

James Brown, 24 of Sterling Heights is accused in that crime and also accused of the dismemberment and burning of the bodies of two more women, Vernithea McCrary and Natasha Curtis. Their bodies were also found in a truck of a car last Christmas day in Detroit. Brown was an imposing figure in court. Standing at least 6'6 and weighing perhaps 300 pounds, the cuffed suspect stared down our Local 4 camera as he was being led in and out of court.

He also stared down Madison briefly, after her outburst "You're gonna die, too." Extra security in the courtroom called for quiet.


---Home searched in Sterling Heights in connection with murder of 4 Detroit women

IMAGES: Police search home in Sterling Heights 

This case was originally charged in Detroit, but was moved to Sterling Heights. This is where police likely believe the killings took place.  Brown lived with his mother in Sterling Heights, and police say 3 of the 4 women had escort ads on the website The mothers of Hunt and Landers say they don't want to discuss the alleged "escort" aspect of the case, but will talk about it at a later date. Demesha Hunt's mother, Denise Reid held a 16 month old girl in court. The toddler is the daughter of Hunt. 


No murder charges have yet to be filed in the case. Sterling Heights Police investigators wouldn't comment on the on-going investigation, but Brown's attorney says more charges could come at anytime. Brown goes back to court August 13th.

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