Mom with kids carjacked outside Detroit dollar store

Woman says man threatened to kill her if she didn't give up car

By Hank Winchester - Reporter

DETROIT - "To think that something like this could possibly happen to people baffles my mind," said Gabriela Putek.

Putek still can't believe it happened to her.

"It was just crazy to me. I can't believe people are out there doing that to people who have children," she said.

At about 8 p.m. Tuesday, at the parking lot of the Family Dollar on the Vernor Highway in Detroit an armed man approached her car moments after she buckled her two children in their car seats.

"He was right there at the window and he pointed the gun at me, knocked on the window and told me to get the 'F' out of his car before he kills me," said Putek.

The next few minutes were a blur. She struggled to get her children unbuckled and then ran screaming. She watched the armed man take off in her car. Her only mode of transportation gone before she even knew what happened.

"I grabbed my two kids, put them in front of me and just started running. I had no shoes on. I just had socks," she said.

Investigators have told Putek they located the car but unfortunately, as in most of these cases, the car is dumped after it is stripped.

"I was thinking I don't want to die in front of my kids. I don't want nothing to happen to my kids," she said.

Investigators will be reviewing surveillance video from the Family Dollar store.

Putek and her children were not physically hurt during this.

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