More snow on its way to Metro Detroit

Arctic cold will stick around Detroit area, too

By Paul Gross - Meteorologist

DETROIT - Before getting into the forecast, I have to share some interesting statistics that I researched this afternoon.

Following the brutally cold and snowy January we just experienced came a lot of questions from people wondering if this was the "worst" winter month we've ever had. That question is very subjective, so I decided to answer it by looking back at my extensive statistical database and identifying those months in which we had "top 10" snow and cold in the same month.

I looked at November through March, and came up with this fact: In Detroit weather history -- dating back to the early 1870s -- there have only been seven winter weather months (excluding April -- we sometimes get snow in April, but typically don't see the bitter cold we see in the other months) in which we had both a top-10 snowiest and coldest month.

Those months are:

January 18937th snowiest and 5th coldest
March 1900 1st snowiest and 4th coldest
March 1912 6th snowiest and 6th coldest
November 19518th snowiest and 7th coldest
December 1983 9th snowiest and 5th coldest
December 2000 3rd snowiest and 4th coldest
January 2014 1st snowiest and 6th coldest

In looking at this chart, I'd say that March 1900 and December 2000 probably are the two that most challenge last month's tough stretch of winter weather.


Alright, onward to my updated forecast, which includes... you guessed it ... more snow and more cold.

Friday night will be partly cloudy and bitterly cold, with lows around -3.

Becoming cloudy on Saturday, with a chance for some light snow by late afternoon. Highs around 17. Wind looks light, so it should be a good winter day to head downtown for Winter Blast! Light snow continues throughout Saturday night.

At this point, it's looking like a 1 to 2 inches snowfall, with most of it falling overnight Saturday night. Lows near 12.

Note: If this snow materializes as expected, it will push us into 5th place for all-time snowiest winter in Detroit. Mother Nature just keeps piling it on.

Scattered light snow showers end Sunday morning, and then a few flurries fly. Highs near 21 -- another good day to head down to Winter Blast!

Partly cloudy on Monday, with a morning low around 4, and afternoon highs around 17.

Mostly sunny on Tuesday, with lows once again below zero (-5 on average), and a high near 14.

Partly cloudy on Wednesday, with lows near -3, and highs around 20.

We finally see some warming on Thursday, although it comes with a chance for more light snow. Highs near 30…break out the swim suits and open up the pool.

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