Mosque Plot Suspect Appears In Detroit-Area Court

Witnesses Say Suspect Spoke About Setting Off Explosion

DEARBORN, Mich - A California man accused of plotting to attack a popular Michigan mosque has appeared in court for a probable cause hearing.


Roger Stockham was arrested Jan. 24 during a traffic stop near the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn. Witnesses say the 63-year-old Vietnam War veteran spoke hours earlier at a bar about setting off an explosion at the mosque. Police say Stockham was wearing a ski mask when they pulled him over and had illegal fireworks in his car.

Defense attorney Matthew Evans asked during Friday's morning session in Dearborn district court that the fireworks evidence brought to court. Assistant prosecutor Khalid Najar objected to the request.

Stockham's criminal history dates back to the 1970s and he previously has been deemed legally insane.

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