Mother killed after driver fleeing Monroe police slams into her SUV

2 suspects involved in Monroe chase, crash taken into police custody


A chase involving a Monroe police officer ended in a violent crash just before 1 p.m. Tuesday.

Police say an innocent driver, a mother who had just finished grocery shopping, was caught up in the crash and killed.

An officer was stopped at West Front and Toledo Street when he heard the sound of a rapidly accelerating engine.

The officer than observed a fast moving silver pickup truck travelling east on Front Street.

The suspect drove erratically while speeding past several cars and pedestrians say police and witnesses.

"The guy turned the corner here about 40 miles per hour in that truck, with two police cars right on his tail," said witness Tryonne Hudson. "If he would have missed that turn, he would have gotten us broad side. I told my son, I got to go find out where this is going."

The officer attempted to stop the vehicle, but the driver sped off and led police on a chase across town.

"The sheriff's car, the third car actual hit the curb and bounced back the other way," said Hudson. The driver of the truck than blew through a red light and crashed into an oncoming SUV.

The woman driving the SUV had just left a grocery store parking lot when she was hit and killed. Family of the woman rushed to the scene and watched in tears from the side of the road.

"I know the woman and I know her family and you know, this town is a small town and everybody kind of grew up together," said Hudson.

Police say the impact was so hard, that the woman died instantly. After the crash the suspect tried to run and was tackled by police.

A woman passenger inside the truck, who was injured, was taken into custody. Names of the people involved in the crash have not been released yet by police.

Anyone who has information regarding this traffic crash is asked to contact the Monroe Police at 734-243-7519 or the Michigan State Police at 734-242-3500.

Stay with Local 4 and as more information becomes available.

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