Mother of slain boy seeks tougher Michigan gun laws, even for juveniles

11-year-old boy shot to death by 15-year-old boy at Dearborn home; police call it accidental shooting


Cassandra Davis' heart is in pieces, broken because her little boy is gone.

"It's hard because when I drive by the park where he played baseball, I can visualize him over there. Those are happy moments that I don't have anymore," she said. "All of my joy has been taken away. He had such a beautiful smile, everyone loved him. Those dimples."

On Sunday, Nov. 24, 11 year-old Jeremiah Davis was at a home in Dearborn visiting his dad for the weekend. Police say the father's girlfriend's 15 year-old son was in his bedroom playing with a gun. Jeremiah's dad was in the shower. Detectives say the teenager closed his door and fired the gun, striking Jeremiah.

"I dropped everything and took off. It's the worst call any parent can get saying your child has been shot," said Davis.

Little Jeremiah fought in Children's Hospital for two days before he died with his mother at his bedside. The 15-year-old shooter pleaded guilty to manslaughter and careless discharge of a firearm resulting in death.

"This kid admitted to shooting my son, but he's still at home right now. I don't have my son," said Davis.

The teen is now wearing a tether until his next court date. Meanwhile, Davis is fighting for justice for Jeremiah. She has a petition with hundreds of signatures calling on lawmakers to toughen Michigan's gun laws, even when it comes to juveniles.

"He literally pointed at my son's head. He didn't have a chance and that's why I'm crying out for help," said Davis.

She's crying out for change and crying out for her only child.

"At church when our young people are singing in the choir I can see my son walking down the line," she said. "If I thought my child was in danger he would not have been over there."

Detectives say the 15-year-old boy got the gun from another relative's house in North Carolina and brought it back to Michigan. He is scheduled to appear in court on March 17.

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