Mother remembers son after 15-year-old killed by hit-and-run driver in Detroit

Jerry Grasty Jr. struck on 7 Mile

By Larry Spruill - Reporter

DETROIT - A family is in pain after a 15-year-old was killed in a hit-and-run Saturday night in Detroit.

Original story: Teen pedestrian killed in 2-car collision on Detroit's northeast side

Sheilah Grasty couldn’t hold back her tears and screams when she heard the news of someone killing her son in a hit-and-run.

“He didn’t deserve to be mowed down, like a dog in the street,” Grasty said.

Police said Jerry Grasty Jr. was crossing the street at about 10:05 p.m. when someone driving a black SUV on East 7 Mile Road near Caldwell Street hit him and kept going. Police said he was then struck by a second vehicle, but that driver stopped.

Detroit police are looking for the driver of this black SUV after a 15-year-old was struck and killed July 21, 2018. (WDIV)

“All of his friends picked the car off my son, and he was just lying there. I was just running to him and I couldn’t save him,” Grasty said

Grasty said what really hurts is that she just talked to her son before the accident.

“He came in the house and said, 'Mama, I’m going to the store and I’ll be right back.' I said OK. I said, 'Don’t miss curfew.' He said, 'I won’t. I’ll be right back,'” Grasty said.

But he wouldn't be right back. As a matter of fact, his mother said her son won’t be able to do anything else.

“My boy was outgoing. He loved to play basketball, fix cars, and fix bikes. He wanted to be an auto mechanic and own his own shop," Grasty said. "My son didn’t deserve this. You could have stopped, you could have helped my boy, you could have did anything, you didn’t have to do this to my baby. I don’t know how people can just do this. He didn’t deserve this. He didn’t. Not my boy,” Grasty said. 

Anyone with information about the crash is asked to call police at 313-596-2260 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-Speak-Up.

Surveillance video below shows the suspect vehicle:

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