Mother Troubled By Classroom Sizes In Detroit

Nolan Elementary Cited For Overcrowding By Detroit Fire Department

DETROIT - A Detroit school has been issued a citation by the Detroit Fire Department because of classroom overcrowding.

The fire department didn't specify which classroom at Nolan Elementary was problematic, but sources said more than 50 kindergartners were in one class.

Mother Tania Gordon said she has five children in Detroit Public Schools, but not for long.

She said the overcrowding in their classrooms is so disappointing that she's arranging to pull of them out of the district.

"They don't really get the one-on-one with the teachers," Gordon said.

Her young son, Jujan, said he's heard of classmates standing up in the back of classrooms without a desk.

"There's too many of us in one class," he said.

In response, DPS spokesman Steve Wasko issued this statement: "At this point there remain a very small number of classrooms where based on either more students showing up than expected, and/or unexpected teacher retirements and resignations, there is a continued need for staff 'leveling.'"

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